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Ladattavat tiedostot (420)

SMPGB /-​C 123-​170 kV

Pre-moulded three-piece joint with heatshrink outer protection

APECB 123-​420 kV

Oil-filled outdoor cable termination

APED 36-​84 kV

Oil-filled outdoor cable termination

JS_​JX 52-​123 kV

Pre-moulded one-piece joint with heat-shrink outer protection

APSEA 52-​72 kV

Dry flexible outdoor termination

FXQJ EMC 0,6/1 kV

Cables according to this standard are halogen free and flame retardant. In case of fire, only smoke free of corrosive gases and with low smoke density are emitted. Intended for permanent installation in- and outdoors, in ground and in pipes. Caution shall be taken into account if plowing.


Cables are designed for DC-side connections of PV panels or strings of panels to DC/AC inverters according to applicable European Norm (EN 50618). Cables are both halogen free and UV resistant. Installation of the product should only be carried out by personnel trained and qualified for electrical works. Applicable rules of installation must be applied at all times.

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